Event Starts: 6th October 2020


You’re an established family business, proud of what has been built, and optimistic about its long term future, however the current situation driven by the Covid-19 pandemic means survival has become part of your current thinking.

How can you plan and prepare both business and family for ‘the future’ when short term ‘survival’ has become the recent focus? What could the future look like, and how should you plan for it at the moment? Time changes everything in family businesses and the current pandemic can’t stop the inevitable. In fact, it may be just the right moment to think about what the future holds and make some of the necessary changes.

Whether confused, concerned or just curious, join us for our 2nd workshop on ‘The Family Business Journey’. It’s an opportunity for families in business to explore the many options for both self and supported help in balancing commercial and family needs, assessing exit options, planning succession through generations, structuring ownership and management, and business performance.

Family Business Solutions Ltd is pleased to join with Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Bank of Scotland for this event in support of family businesses. This is an opportunity for families in business to consider their current concerns as well as aspirations for the future. It will cover key subjects and examples of family and business needs including:

• Effective governance – How should the family organise for success?

• Key goals of certainty, clarity, unity, prosperity, peace of mind and enjoyment

• Developing shared vision

• Succession or exit planning & support

• Direction & Management Development

This event will take place on Tuesday 6th October from 12pm to 2pm online via Zoom

Please note registration is essential. Please email to book.

What a difference a plan makes.

Decisions planned with you, not for you

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