Welcome to Family Business Solutions Ltd.

Welcome to Family Business Solutions Ltd.

Combine. Focus. Prosper.

We bring family and business needs together. Working with you and your advisors, we help to clarify what’s important to you, aiding the clear definition of your aims and aspirations.

For over 20 years, Family Business Solutions Ltd (FBS) has been providing support to owner managed and family businesses. These types of business are unique, especially so with family owned ones. FBS is a specialist consultancy that supports family business owners and members to share aspirations and concerns for their business currently, and looking to the future.

Depending on the situation this work has a dual focus, looking at the business both as a family and as a business, and bringing clarity to priorities and potential and how these affect both family and performance.

Our services include:
• Developing shared purpose among the owners/family and the management team
• Succession planning & support
• Exploring exit options
• Business strategy development
• Management development programmes
• Performance management strategies and projects
• Conflict resolution


Welcome to Family Business Solutions Ltd.

What a difference a plan makes.

Decisions planned with you, not for you

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What our clients say

"FBS worked with both generations of our family and the board of directors to help us develop a Family Constitution. This now helps guide us in many areas of importance to the family and the business. There’s a lot of work involved in creating a constitution and it was essential for us to have the right information and advice to ensure that ours would last for a long time.

Jim Walker – Walkers Shortbread Ltd

Latest News

19th August 2020

Family businesses continue to face a unique set of challenges as a result of the pandemic. Business leaders have faced many difficult decisions such as furloughing staff and company restructures, and for those families who have been living and working together during this period, it’s likely to have been even more stressful.

With many businesses now returning to some kind of normality, cash flow and forward planning are sure to be top priorities.

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Event date: 1st December 2020

You’re an established family business, proud of what has been built, and optimistic about its long term future, however the current situation driven by the Covid-19 pandemic means survival has become part of your current thinking. Making decisions becomes difficult in a crisis, but that is exactly what is needed at moments like these. Carefully considered and skilful decision making.

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