Family Business Advice and Insights

  • The Family Constitution

    A ‘Family Constitution’ might sound terribly formal, but it is an important part of the life of every enterprising family. An increasing number of families - those who like to plan for their future rather than leave matters to chance – are supplementing their unwritten constitution (“the way we do things as a family”) with a bit more formality and organisation. A written Family Constitution helps them to move forward and achieve what they want, both as a family and as individuals. The process of creating the Constitution, as well as the final result, helps the family to reach important decisions, sometimes on sensitive issues, which, if left unresolved, can too easily result in conflict. This paper gives some pointers on creating a Family Constitution.

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  • Women in Family Enterprises: A Round Table Discussion

    Recently FBS invited five women from enterprising families to meet us and discuss issues relating to the roles of Women in Family Enterprises; a topic that is relevant to all, given that we don\'t know of any enterprising family made up entirely of men! The resulting paper is required reading for all working with family enterprises.

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  • Passing the Baton

    This paper examines comments from both seniors and the next generation family members from a number of family businesses and makes recommendations to help smooth transitions.

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  • Ownership of a family business

    This FBS Insight covers some of the key issues that a family needs to consider in relation to ownership of their business. 1. Are we custodians or value-out owners? 2. Should ownership be restricted to bloodline owners or include spouses? 3. Working owners and non-working owners. 4. Consolidating ownership in branches. 5. The use of trusts. 6. Dividend policy. 7. Decisions making by owners.

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