Meet the Team here at FBS

A truly multi-disciplinary team sharing a broad spectrum of skills , knowledge and experience in areas such as management, psychology, listening, mediation, governance, finance and tax; access to some or all of which will usually be needed to tailor practical solutions for clients.

All members of the team have gained an in depth understanding of why and how complex issues develop within family business systems , through a combination of formal learning and many years of practical experience gained through either working within family businesses or advising them.

Our eam of family business consultants are here to help you business thrive.

  • Billy Andrew image

    Billy Andrew

    Billy has a background in management consulting and training with many clients being family businesses. Combining interpersonal skills with an objective business focus, he imparts his knowledge and experience to help both the family and the business.

    His consulting experience helps family businesses with the challenges of structuring ownership and management, especially capturing the bigger picture for both present and future performance and development.

    Billy’s mantras are “what a difference a plan makes” and “make management manageable” with the aim that each family business has clear strategy and the Direction and Management structure to support it.

    Many family business can benefit from using an experienced business consultant like Billy Andrew.

  • Liam Entwistle image

    Liam Entwistle

    Liam hails from a Dispute Resolution background - in the past he would have been called a "Litigator", but realised that there were better ways to resolve conflict than slogging things out in a Court, where only legal advisers benefit.

    Adept at resolving disputes efficiently and cost effectively, he is a qualified workplace mediator, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and became attracted to the area of Family Business Consulting after studying the nature and effect of conflicts in a Family Business.

    Realising that Conflict in a Family Business will almost invariably lead to the fracturing of the Business, and possibly also the Family, he became convinced that Consulting using the FBS model was the best way to ensure harmony and success down the generations, and he is now a passionate advocate of the benefits of a well governed and regulated Family Business”

  • Susan Hoyle image

    Susan Hoyle

    Susan joined FBS as a consultant in 2008. She qualified as a lawyer in 1986 and prior to joining FBS was head of tax at Dundas & Wilson LLP. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

    While Susan can help business families with the issues they may face at any stage, her background is particularly helpful when working with businesses which are transitioning between the generations and where succession planning is key.

  • George Stevenson image

    George Stevenson

    George has 30 years’ first-hand experience of family issues and their impact on business performance as Managing Director and son-in-law within a complex 3rd/4th/5th generation family business.

    With the help of FBS, in the late 90’s, he navigated the business and the family through many changes, including family members joining and leaving the business, professionalising the board, creating a family council and bringing in outside directors and investors.

    George studied Family Business Governance for 3 years (1999 -2002) at the Glasgow Caledonian Centre for Family Enterprise and as a result of his first hand experiences founded the Scottish Family Business Association ( in 2005 to ensure that advice and guidance on family business issues is available to every family business in Scotland.

    George joined FBS as a consultant in 2007. Although capable of assisting business families at any stage of their development, his depth of experience as a business leader is particularly helpful when working with growing businesses transitioning between the 1st and 2nd generations.

    George is sought after as a speaker on family business issues at conferences and workshops.

What a difference a plan makes.

Decisions planned with you, not for you

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